How To Read A Water Meter In Gallons 2021

How To Read A Water Meter In Gallons 2021. This is your water use. This is your water use in gallons during the period.

How To Read Your Meter Clayton County Water Authority from

4 ro 8 turbine meters x 1000 u.s. This is your water use in gallons during the period. The size of the water meter is typically printed on the face of the meter.

Fill In Your Meter Readings.

If a permanent 0 is printed at the. Remove the cover of the meter box. After a period of days (for example, 1 week), read the meter register again and write it down and write down the date.

To Calculate Your Water Usage In Gallons On A Meter That Reads In Cubic Feet, Multiply The Number On The Bottom Of The Face Of Your Water Meter By 7.48.To Check Water Usage, Read Your Meter At Two Different Times And Subtract The Numbers:to Read A Water Meter In Gallons, Take Note Of The Number At The Bottom Of Your Water Meter.

The largest household use of water is to flush the toilet, followed by showers and baths. Use a damp rag to wipe the face clean. Meter #1 (above) reads 1,857,030 total gallons.

Read And Record The Number Display From Left To Right Exactly As It Appears, Including Any Fixed Zeros To The Right Of The Number Shown.

General rules for reading your meter: If present, use the odometer reading first. Direct read digital digital on the face of the meter, numbers are arranged like the odometer in an automobile.

Remove The Lid And/Or Lift The Lid Cover (Look For Insects Or Snakes).

Most meters are located in your front lawn or near the curb or sidewalk, though some can be in a side yard, or even your back yard. Your water meter will measure in gallons. This is your water use.

Commercial And Industrial Users May Be Subject To Additional Water Charges If Their Water Volume Used Exceeds Their Allowance.

One cubic foot equals 7.48 gallons of water. The number to the far right is a “standing 0”, represented by the number of gallons used as indicated by the hand. If your meter box has a hinged cover, simply pull back the lid.

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