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I own a gen 1 tundra, v8, 8 foot bed, regular cab. Discussion starter · #1 · 23 d ago.

2015 CM Black Beauty Toyota Tundra

I built a simple 2×4 frame 8 feet long which i slide in first, lower the camper onto it, fasten down the camper turnbuckles and i'm good to go.

Tundra truck camper forum. Not every tundra bed is the same size, so measure your truck bed to find a camper shell that matches. As such, the tundra has better towing capabilities and makes you feel like your driving a van more than a truck due to its increased height. Maybe you’re a tundra owner yourself, and are interested in purchasing a camper.

You might want to 'step up' to a more robust vehicle. It looked good and level as was but for extra assurance, i ended up installing helper springs. Day 6 of my diy pickup truck slide in camper build.

The poster above even said his camper weighs 1450 lbs dry. Asking if i need rear suspension help. That combination worked very well, didn't really know the camper was on the truck going down the highway.

I had to put air bags on the truck and it handled the weight fairly well. His limited 4×4 dc tundra probably has a payload of somewhere in the ballpark of 1570 lbs. With a floor length of 7' this camper is designed to fit the ultra short beds (5' 6/7”) & standard short beds (6' 4, 6'6” & 6' 10) 1/2 ton and larger full size trucks.

Tundra's are known to be under powered and thirsty. (1) it has better aerodynamics vs my original design, because it will be a wedge tent above and a queen size bed above my double cabin, only 6” tall for the top. I don't have any safety concerns as it.

The big issue i had was the camper was 2050 lbs dry! Toyota tundra forum best camper shell / topper / canopy for toyota tundra. Check for dents, scratches, and corrosion on the interior and exterior surfaces.

It's no wonder that the 825 is one of our most popular truck campers. More often, it seems we spot toyota tundra camper setups on the road vs. If so, here’s some popular camper options for the tundra:

I put a big foot 8.2 camper on a 2007 dc ltd 4×4. We have a 6 month old and after we packed the truck we were likely close to 3000lbs. The camper itself weighed about 1400 lbs so i was over the payload capacity of the truck when loaded with us and supplies.

Truck camper forum > general > matching truck and camper outline · [ standard ] · linear+ jayco tc with a tundra , jayco sportster 9.5 & tundra 6' bed Their are many better options out there. I have a 2003 tundra ltd.

Some camper shells may be incompatible with your truck model despite being listed as a tundra camper. #13 · sep 21, 2008. I currently have a 2017 tundra sr5 double cab and i'm looking for a lance 650.

Very new at this, and very appreciative! That means when he puts the empty camper on his truck, he only has 120 lbs of payload left. The bad news is way over my $3k budget initially planned.

Go fast campers xl platform It weighs just at 1000 lbs wet (with water, propane and supplies on board) but really sunk the rear of the truck too low when i first loaded it. My truck will have alternator power run to the bed.

I have a 2016 double cab 4 wd and bought a truck camper. After the 2 raise, the camper sits about 4 off the bed rails. I'm initially budgeting around 2,000 for a battery solution.

The $4,560 does not include mattress (memory foam) yet, no batteries, no solar panel, no inverter, etc. Dec 12, 2018 #1 for those of you with a truck camper shell (which i grew up calling a canopy in the west coast and those of you up north call a topper) on your toyota tundra. This is a different profile than when i had the hawk on the 2007 tundra, which sat low to the bed rails.

Toyota tundra can someone please clarify if the truck camper weight is determined strictly by the payload weight of the truck bed, or is it a combination of axle weight. The truck drops 2 inches by the rubber snubber above rear leaf springs when loaded. • the shape of the rails, cab, and tailgate.

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